I'm Andrew Elbendari (a.k.a. Drew Elbi) and I love drawing everything COMICS!

I've always been driven to draw as best as I can and I love that drawing is a life long journey that you just keep getting better at with age!

One of my greatest passions is to teach others how to draw with private lessons and tutoring! There's so much to learn about drawing and most people give up way too soon! I want to help everyone become that true artist they want to be and help them through those early difficult steps!

Thank you for checking out my artwork!

Art Services Offered
Digital fan-art commissions are OPEN! 
Online tutoring available SOON!
Feel free to email me regarding prices and any questions you have! :)  


Professional Work & Studies

Instock-Self published mini comic (May 2014)
Klyde -Self published mini comic (Summer 2005)
Ego Comics Presents- A Few Bad Apples "The Boy and Frank" (Winter 2004)

Animation @ Algonquin College
Pre-Animation and Illustration @ Algonquin College
Life Drawing and Comic Crafting @ Ottawa School of Art

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